Implementing organisation PharmAccess
Period of implementation 01/2020 - 12/2021
Digital tools Management Information System
Country Tanzania
Sector Health
Budget 347.357 €
Contribution to SDGs sdg 3



What is the project aiming to achieve?

In Zanzibar, healthcare is available to all, through public healthcare facilities. However, the island struggles with poor clinical indicators due to inadequate funding and inefficient resource allocation.

There is a shortage of trained health staff, essential medicines and infrastructure. A lack of structured quality improvement services, a regulatory and incentive framework on quality healthcare, and insufficient data on scale, scope and quality of care needed for resource allocation. Lastly, the healthcare system suffers from poor data collection and inadequate reporting mechanisms.

As a consequence, the overall quality of healthcare is low which results in equally low patients’ trust. The Zanzibar Government is keen on improving this situation and wants to embark on healthcare reforms. However they lack the necessary tools and data to do so.

The new insurance model will include both private and public health facilities. In contrast to the current status quo where only healthcare in public facilities is free. Including the private sector in the future health insurance model is critical in order to ensure all services are available to all Zanzibar citizens.

This project aims to build capacities and offers technical assistance to the Government of Zanzibar via digitised healthcare data. This will facilitate informed decision making and resource prioritisation, and guide healthcare reform to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Zanzibar.

Digital component

PharmAccess introduces and supports an open Insurance Management Information System (open IMIS) in 44 health facilities. Data will be collected on utilisation and costs of care, to uncover inefficiencies and facilitate informed decision making for the new government Health Financing Strategy, as well as provide digital infrastructure for the envisioned health insurance scheme.

PharmAccess also provides a digital stepwise quality improvement model (SafeCare Steps), supporting health facilities in improving quality care provision, simultaneously collecting data as well as patient SMS feedback. It will support the government to collect and analyse data independently.