In Uganda, 7000 women and 45,000 newborns die annually due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth. 90% of these deaths are due to 3 delays:

  • Delay in decision to seek care
  • Delay in reaching care due
  • Delay in receiving adequate health care

In certain communities, women often travel long distances to reach a health center. They are forced to deliver in villages without a skilled attendant due to lack of funds for transport or the poor quality of the roads. Therefore, Mama Rescue intends to address the second delay, reducing the time to access quality care.

Digital social innovation

The Mama Rescue Project is a simple automated mobile-phone platform that provides vouchers enabling women to be transported by local motorcycle and taxi drivers to deliver in health centers.

We partner with local drivers who live close by our laboring mothers, creating a rapid response system between village and health centers, as well as between the health center and referral hospital when needed. Our system relies on easy to use mobile phone technology that improves communication between drivers, midwives and doctors.


The project features four objectives:

  1. Increase the percentage of births that take place in health facilities from 79.7% to 90% of all births;
  2. Increase the percentage of women with complications of labor who are referred from lower level facilities to higher level facilities from 5% to 15%;
  3. Increase awareness for maternal, newborn and child health services by 50%, leading to increased demand and an increase in skilled attendance at birth;
  4. Improve quality of maternal and newborn care.
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