Implementing organisation Brick by Brick Uganda
Period of implementation 12/2019 – 11/2022
Digital tools SMS, USSD, IVR, Mobile-Money
Country Uganda
Sector Health
Budget 350.000 €
Contribution to SDGs sdg 3sdg 5


What is the project aiming to achieve?

Uganda suffers from a maternal mortality ratio of 336 deaths per 100,000 live births. It is thought that 75% of these deaths can be attributed to a delay in the decision to seek skilled maternity and new-born care,  a delay in accessing skilled maternity and new-born care once the decision is made, or a delay to receive quality care once reaching a health facility.

Mama Rescue focuses on the 2nd delay in remote rural areas, accessing skilled maternity and new-born care . Women are encouraged to attend antenatal care appointments. When going to four antenatal care meetings women receive mobile money transport vouchers. With these vouchers, they can get free transport to give birth to their child in health centres. When a woman starts going into labour she can use the voucher on the mobile-phone platform to link up with local motorcycle and automobile taxis, providing transport from home to health centre and health centre to hospital. In addition, the health centre will be automatically informed of her arrival so that they can prepare for the necessary care.

This helps mitigate risks related to maternal and new-born mortality and morbidity, and increases mothers’ and midwives’ confidence in the health system.

Digital component

Mama Rescue uses existing mobile phone networks and mobile-money payment platforms in Uganda to connect local motorcycle and automobile taxi drivers to women in labour from rural areas in need of urgent transport to health centres and hospitals. It incentivises antenatal care attendance by providing mobile money transport vouchers for women who attend all four ANC visits.