Through our single-entry portal Wehubit, your Digital for Development (D4D) initiatives can gain access to financing grants, loans & equities.

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GRANTS – are accessible to non-profit organisations established in one of the 14 partner countries of the Belgian bilateral cooperation: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Palestine, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania or Uganda. The grant agreement is signed with Enabel.

LOANS & EQUITIES – are accessible to private companies. The contract is signed with BIO.

The selection is done through calls for proposals which follow a strict and transparent procedure. Calls for proposals are launched on a regular basis. Each call for proposals has two rounds of evaluation. You can only apply during the open period of the call for proposals. The 2nd round is only accessible to the applications successful during the 1st round. 





In order to participate to a call for proposals, please download its guidelines and carefully read all the information surrounding the process. These contain all the necessary information and instructions to be followed for submitting your project. 

Apply for your project

In order to participate to a call for proposals, please first create an account. You will receive an email which enables you to log in and change your password. 

Then go to the call for proposals page you want to participate in, and click on 'Apply for your project'.

You will be redirected to the application form where you will be asked to fill in your project information as well as to download and upload the documents

Applicants must ensure that their forms and annexes are complete. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Grants - Calls for Proposals

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Grants - Calls for Proposals

Please note that only projects that are in line with our Policy & guiding principles will be selected.

Under the first round, we will check your eligibility, your capacity to manage a grant as well as general elements of your project. Documents to be sent under round 1 are:

  • the completed on-line application form 
  • annex A.1: grant application form round 1
  • annexes listed under chapter 2.2.1 of the guidelines

Those projects selected under the first round will be invited to present a more complete project description in a second round by submitting:

  • the completed on-line application form
  • annex A.2: grant application form round 2
  • annex B: budget of the project
  • annex C: logical framework of the project
  • your project timetable

Our review process is highly selective and rigorous.

Women and young people’s rights, inclusion and empowerment

Call for proposals closed (1st round)
25/06/2018 > 10/08/2018


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Loans - Calls for proposals

A specific call for proposals for loans will be opened shortly. Would you like to be informed of its launch? Please subscribe to our newsletter.


Loans & Equities - Direct sourcing

Besides the calls for proposals, BIO can source investment projects directly.

Each project is handled with the utmost confidentiality. The duration of the investment process between first contact and the final decision varies on a case by case basis. You will find a detailed description of the investment process as well as all documents relating to applying for funding or grants on BIO’s website.

More information on the countries where BIO invests is available on the countries page.