Implementing organisation


Period of implementation

01/2020 - 11/2022
Digital tools SMS, Videos
Pays Burkina Faso
Sector Health
Budget 328,265 €
Contribution to SDGs sdg 3sdg 5


What is the ambition of the project

Even though real progress is made, child mortality in Burkina Faso remains very high (8,86%) owing to the poor access to health services, particularly in rural areas. Local community-based health agents who are to provide first-line health advice and care to populations living far away from healthcare centres have little equipment and their services are of poor quality.

To address this issue, the authorities have adopted an Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy which is implemented at the community level by the local Community-based health agents. They must be regularly trained and supervised, but because of a lack of resources many have not been trained so far. Furthermore, owing to the lasting insecurity situation, supervision visits by health professionals in support of the local health agents have been limited.

The project aims to sustainably support capacity development of Community-based health agents in villages located at more than 5 kms from Health and Social Promotion Centres by (i) implementing Integrated Management of Childhood Illness at the community level (IMCI-C) and (ii) providing health promotion and sickness prevention service packages.

Digital component

For this project Gret duplicates its exiting mobile awareness platform, AlloLaafia, which promotes good family practices and will include digital content that specifically suits the needs of the Community-based health agents. The management of this new platform is entrusted to the Ministry of Health which thus disposes of a distance knowledge and capacity development tool for Community-based health agents in the ‘Région de l’Est’ with a view of improving service delivery there.

Eventually, a distance training system is to be put in place that is stationed at the Ministry of Health and would reach the country’s 17,000 Community-based health agents.

300 key text messages on the role of the Community-based health agent and what he or she needs to know will be drawn up and disseminated through the platform. Some twenty audio-visual deliverables teaching the principal practical skills will also be produced and disseminated on mini USB cards for tablets and portable computers.