Implementing organisation TechnoServe
Period of implementation 06/2019 – 06/2021
Digital tools Drone, Machine-learning
Country Benin
Sector Agriculture
Budget 349.238 €
Contribution to SDGs sdg 2sdg 13



What is the project aiming to achieve?

Growing evidence suggests that recent growth of Benin’s cashew production is in previously forested areas, thus eliminating the climate benefits of plantations and reducing biodiversity.

To tackle this challenge, the project aims to improve climate smart agricultural (CSA) services (including plot monitoring, farmer training, and sector policies) for smallholder cashew farmers in Benin. While the government aims to increase production from 120,000MT to 300,000MT, relatively low cashew yields highlight the need for intensification of production per hectare. Drones are able to map wide swaths of cashew producing areas to identify areas of cashew production under poor climate smart agricultural practices, thus enabling policymakers and service providers to adjust services to efficiently direct resources where they are needed.

To reach this objective, an efficient, effective and replicable digital tool will be developed to identify plot health and land management practices within cashew producing areas in Benin.

An Action Plan for Climate Smart Cashew Production will then be piloted and disseminated, including policy recommendations and a farmer training targeting plan for the Ministry of Agriculture and the national farmer federation.


Digital element description and how it adds value

The digital solution for this project contains two parts: first of all, the efficient collection of cashew plot data by drones and secondly the rapid analysis of cashew plot health by a machine-learning algorithm.

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