Implementing organisation Farm Radio International
Period of implementation 06/2019 – 12/2021
Digital tools Combination of digital tools (radio, mobile phones) to spread digital advisory services
Country Senegal
Sector Agriculture
Budget 349.477 €
Contribution to the SDGs sdg 2sdg 5sdg 13



What is the project aiming to achieve?

Through a combination of digital tools, Farm Radio International wants to scale up the use of gender-responsive interactive digital advisory services (DAS) related to climate smart agriculture (CSA).

Farm Radio International will assist 3 Senegalese radio stations - which are trusted by farmers - to develop  tools, networks, capacity and means to sustain interactive digital advisory services male and female farmers trust and use regularly and which are based upon their local context.

Digital component

Gender-sensitive data generated through (radio and mobile phone) interactive digital advisory services  is made available and used by key stakeholder groups to develop site and sector specific responses for listeners and promote uptake, overcome barriers to climate smart agriculture, sustain the advisory services, and recommend further research on the topic.

The project will combine evidence-based climate smart agriculture information with locally-held perceptions of climate risk and use digital advisory services to share appropriate information and provide a closed feedback loop. Using free of charge mobile technologies, farmers ask questions to incorporate new information, hear from their peers, connect to services or suppliers, and inform and use radio program content in a farmer and gender responsive system. Farmers are confident in assessing which climate smart agriculture information and practices are relevant and effective for increasing resilience in their farming systems.