Interest for 'digital for development' is increasing on the national and international scene. Wehubit is looking for synergies and complementarities across D4D partners and initiatives at all possible levels.



At Belgian level, Wehubit collaborates in the alignment and information exchange with the various initiatives that have recently been created (e.g. D4D Prize, Kindling platform).

In developing and emerging countries, Wehubit acts as a partnership hub for the funded projects. Information exchange between funded projects will be encouraged and facilitated when relevant (e.g. through events). To support the implementation of the funded projects, we also suggest linkages with D4D partners or digital service providers where possible.

In the long-term we aim at offering a range of financial tools, either directly via Wehubit, or by developing collaborations with other funding actors in the field of Digital for Development.

We will also redirect funding demands that fall out of scope of the call for proposal-windows to other D4D funds and partners.