The «Take IT Forward» project aims to meet the dual challenge of employability of young graduates and the competitiveness of companies in the ICT sector in Morocco.

The digital sector is the second largest job-creating sector in Morocco (10%) with outlets such as IT development, customer service, web marketing or community management.

However, 45% of companies have difficulty in finding candidates because of the inadequacy of training and employment, a high turnover rate (30%) and difficulty in finding profiles adapted to the requirements of the profession (mindset and soft skills). Moreover, the proportion of women in digital professions remains very low.

Digital social innovation

The project supports inclusive economic growth and stimulates the competitiveness of Morocco’s digital economy through:

  1. Innovative sourcing targeting traditionally marginalized profiles (Impact Sourcing) for greater diversity and inclusion and stronger job retention.
  2. Retraining courses focusing on the specific needs of employer partners to ensure a better match between training and employment.
  3. Integrating beneficiaries into quality jobs in a booming digital sector.

The project’s activities aims at achieving the following results:

  1. 270 job seekers will receive online training in digital skills.
  2. 108 participants will receive face-to-face training in soft skills.
  3. 46 participants will receive retraining in ICT occupation.
  4. At least 123 graduates of face-to-face training will be placed in employment.
  5. Based on the average size of Moroccan households (4.6 people), the project will have an indirect impact on 566 people.
Closing the digital divide through education, training and the world of work
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