Implementing organisation BarefootLaw + Avocats Sans Frontières
Period of implementation 02/2019 – 03/2021
Digital tools Interactive Voice Response, SMS
Country Uganda
Sector Human-Rights
Budget 315.000 €
Contribution to SDGs sdg 5sdg 10sdg 16



What is the project aiming to achieve?

The project’s objective is “to increase women’s access to justice through digital solutions for legal empowerment”. Due to several factors, most Ugandans have very limited access to legal services, especially in rural areas. For this reason, the project will mobilise digital solutions to overcome barriers of geography, courts’ coverage, knowledge and cost.

The project will work closely with community-based structures such as Local Councils and cultural leaders which are the first step in the access to justice journey in Uganda. From there, the environment of dispute resolution will develop its gender-sensitivity through the promotion of a rights-based approach and the standardization of practices.

Finally, the structural enablers of gender discrimination in land rights will be addressed. Most local leaders (cultural and political) in the area of the project have a wrong belief that women cannot own land although the Law says otherwise. This misperception shows a low level of legal awareness among local leaders tending to convey negative patriarchal attitudes.

Digital component

Under the project, women will access tailored first-line legal support and information through SMS and Interactive Voice Response platforms. The use of digital solutions not only overcomes the barriers in physical reach to remote areas, but  also solves language issues and allows women to access information in “safe spaces” that is outside the influence of men.