In an increasingly urban world (by 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities), cities are more than ever at the core of sustainable development issues and objectives. Agenda 2030 reaffirms the essential role of cities in achieving these goals, with the SDG 11 “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable" in particular.

Faced with today's global risks and challenges, cities are on the front line. Given the impacts of climate change, increasing human mobility, population growth, growing social inequalities, etc., it is necessary, at a local level, to take the measure of these challenges and act with a long-term vision while responding to emergencies.

Therefore, the Wehubit programme is convinced that digital technologies can leverage the resilience of cities in face of various future challenges and crises. Whether applied to improve urban planning, map climate change in urban areas, measure air quality, organise and enhance citizen participation, increase business opportunities or to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship, digital social innovations can help urban citizens and authorities in strengthening the resilience of their cities for sustainable and inclusive urban development.  

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