Although youth widely use the Internet and social media in OPT, their digital rights and spaces are jeopardized and are becoming less inclusive and safe. This is manifested in the increase of cybercrime rates evidenced in a study published in 2018 which reported that one out of every three Palestinian women were subjected to violence on social media. The lack of awareness and capacity of youth on safe access and use of the Internet coupled with the legal environment that violates their digital rights and their right to freedom of expression necessitates immediate action to ensure inclusive digital spaces for young Palestinian men and women.

The project aimed to mobilise safe, accessible and inclusive digital rights and space in Palestine, by promoting (i) Women’s political participation and leadership, (ii) Women’s Rights, and (iii) by preventing Gender-based violence.

Digital social innovation

The project has strengthened the capacities, knowledge and awareness of targeted young women and men cyber-activists on the use of ICT, digital security, cyber-gender-based violence and mitigation strategies.

It had also empowered targeted groups to exert influence on duty bearers and community leaders through communication campaigns and media.

Under this project, support, counselling and referral services have been made accessible and available to victims of cyber-violence.


The project pursued the following goals:

  1. Strengthen the capacities on the knowledge and awareness of 110 youth on ICT, digital security and prevention of online GBV;
  2. Influence duty bearers to promote digital rights, through campaigns that call for increased online protection in collaboration with the private sector (incl. awareness raising campaigns on the youth rights to freedom of expression);
  3. Offer counselling and referral services to cybercrime survivors.
Women and young people’s rights, inclusion and empowerment
Digital tool
Online platform
350 000 €

Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC)

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