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The Wehubit programme is thrilled to announce its closing event: the Wehubit Days!  

As Wehubit 1.0 draws to a close in September 2023 and a new chapter starts with Wehubit 2.0 in October, it's the perfect moment to celebrate, capitalise and build on the accomplishments of our programme, but mostly of our partner projects! 🎉 

🤝 One of the key pillars of the Wehubit programme is its Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN). Since its start in 2018, it has provided abundant opportunities for valuable interactions and shared learning among our project partners. But this journey is far from complete. The Wehubit Days will consolidate these connections and enhance our network, all in anticipation of the exciting Wehubit 2.0 programme and the arrival of new KEN members. 

🚀 Wehubit is partnering with the (Belgian) Sociale Innovatiefabriek (SIF) to implement an interesting learning trajectory on Sustainable Pathways to Scaling Innovations. After three webinars, we are ready to move on to the next step. Having guided 27 projects through their scaling-up journey, we firmly believe in linking SIF's learnfull insights and the invaluable experiences of our partner projects. That's why it will also be our red thread throughout the Wehubit Days Programme, aimed at deepening knowledge and fostering meaningful exchanges on scaling-up.  

🎊 Exciting news: Building on these insightful exchanges, we're thrilled to announce the creation of "WeScaleIt" – an innovative e-guide tool showcasing scaling examples from our Wehubit partner projects. Stay tuned! 📣 

Last but not least, Wehubit will organise on Wednesday afternoon 13/09 in close collaboration with our Enabel colleagues in Rwanda a public event on the topic of homegrown digital innovations in Africa. A wonderful opportunity to connect local innovators and digital changemakers from Rwanda'secosystem with our wehubit project partners and to learn more about Africa’s challenges and opportunities when it comes to digital social innovation. 

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