In Senegal, agriculture can contribute to improving the living conditions of rural communities.

A fundamental challenge remains the lack of quality, gender-sensitive and real-time information, communication and extension services for women and men farmers. Many women and marginalised groups have very little access to productive assets, agricultural support services, climate adaptation measures, agricultural knowledge or other practices to improve livelihoods.

Furthermore, exchanges between farmers and stakeholders remain limited.

Digital social innovation

The Radio remains one of the best ways to reach vulnerable populations in Africa with essential information.

The project’s digital solution focuses on quality information and communication services aimed at increasing the capacity of farmers to make informed decisions to improve their food security in a context of climate change.

Its approach is based on building the capacity of 3 radio stations in the Kolda region of Senegal to develop the tools, networks and means to support digital and gender-sensitive agricultural extension services


The aim of the project is to scale up interactive, data-based and gender-sensitive digital extension services to increase knowledge and use of good practices in climate-smart agriculture among 225,000 small-scale farmers.

The projects hopes to increase the understanding and application of climate-smart agricultural (CSA) practices, with approximately 56,000 male and female farmers adopting them.

Climate Smart Agriculture
Digital tool
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