The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the shortcomings of the higher education system in the face of crises due to the non-digitization of training courses. In order to allow learners to continue their studies in complete safety, it is necessary to adopt innovative means for the pursuit of education entirely or partially at a distance.

It is in this context that the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) is implementing the Fasaha Zamani project for the Abdou-Moumouni University (UAM) of Niamey. This project aims to increase the resilience of higher education in Niger through the establishment of a technological, pedagogical, regulatory and economic environment conducive to the development of digital education.

Digital social innovation

Four approaches:

-technological, will accompany the implementation of a digital platform for distance learning (LMS) for all departments of the UAM. The LMS will be common to the whole university, with specific portals for each department

-pedagogical, will strengthen the skills of a pool of techno-pedagogues, to enable them to support all teachers in the online provision of courses

-regulatory, will allow the Ministry to develop legal texts framing hybrid or distance learning

-economic: a repository of equivalence of tasks will promote the commitment of teachers designers and trainers.



Three results are expected.

1)The regulatory framework and the economic model of hybrid or distance learning are defined.

2)The UAM has an operational online training platform with a task force of experts in education that is set up to accompany the digital transition.

3)A capitalization document for the transition to national scale is available, Niger has a model for strengthening the use of digital education in higher education

EdTech – Use of education technology to improve quality and continuity of teaching and learning
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Learning Management System
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