Ameera Hamada (22) is one of Gaza Sky Geeks’ most active and passionate community members. Her university degree in Multimedia and Web Development wasn’t sufficient to build a career, especially with the poor economic situation and the limited job opportunities.
But she discovered her passion for User Experience (UX) at university and saw a need for it in Gaza. She decided to enroll in three Gaza Sky Geeks’trainings: the English upskilling program, technical training in UX/UI, and the Freelancing Academy funded by Enabel.The skills Ameera gained helped her kick-start her career as a freelancer. She learned how to hunt for jobs through social media platforms, where she found a part-time job with a company based in Saudi Arabia. Securing a part-time job wasn’t enough for this talented and high-achieving young woman, she is now a talented UX/UI freelancer and a research assistant at her university. Ameera managed to build an impressive portfolio that helps her compete alongside other professionals in the international market. Despite her busy schedule, she eagerly looks for remote freelance opportunities to enrich her experience. "I seek remote opportunities that will enhance my career as a UX/UI designer. I wish to obtain
additional hands-on experience and enrich my portfolio.” Ameera's hard work and dedication became more evident when she won a UX 2-day
challenge held by Gaza Sky Geeks. The challenge wasn't easy, as it brought together tens of startups and designers whose task was to deliver User Interface and User Experience designs for real projects. The event was run under the Wehubit programme; funded by Enabel; and has helped build the knowledge and practical skills of 64 young tech talents in Gaza. “Winning first place at the UX challenge where I competed with other leaders in this field was a major milestone for me. It made me more aware of my abilities and what I can create.” Ameera was able to turn her passion into a successful career. She managed to juggle two jobs and earn an additional income online. She generated more than USD4,000 in just four months, with a diverse portfolio of projects and a bright future ahead.