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Evaluation of Physician for Human Right’s MediCapt Program in Kenya: Final Report

The MediCapt mobile app, used by the implemented by , helps clinicians to capture medical and forensic evidence of sexual violence and securely transmit the data to legal authorities for potential use in prosecution. This article explains the all process of developing this app and the project around it. 

Physicians for Human Rights, one the Wehubit partner project, conducted an evaluation of MediCapt  that involved key-informant interviews, questionnaires, and medical record reviews related to MediCapt implementation. Evaluation participants included Kenyan clinicians, medical records personnel, IT personnel, and administrators, as well as law enforcement and legal professionals in Kenya. To objectively assess the quality of data collected by the traditional paper-based forensic forms compared to data collected by MediCapt, a data quality checklist was developed, tested, and found to have high inter-rater reliability. This evaluation is under peer-review with the journal PLOSOne.

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