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Ousmane ©GRDR

I am Ousmane, the Mayor of the rural commune of Koussane and vice-president of the association of Communes of Guidimakha (ACGK Intercommunality). 

In the last elections, women and young people of Guidimakha did not participate in decision-making. Still, they make up more than half the population of the commune.  

Today, things have changed. Women and young people were trained on political life, their rights and duties, ICT, advocacy techniques, women's leadership, participation in public debates, etc. 

What comes out of this? Motivation, self-confidence and leadership.  

In practice:  

  • An association has been set up. It reaches out to all women in the area's 9 communes. It raises awareness and provides information on women's empowerment and rights. 

  • An internet café is opened and running. It allows partnerships with other NGOs and people and it provides access to IT tools.  

The lists for the next elections should be far more mixed. This is promising.  

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Mamadou ©GRDR 

I am Mamadou, president of RECOTRAD, the network of traditional spokespersons of Kayes: I speak as the president of RECOTRAD but also as a citizen of Kayes. 

I find this project’s approach is innovative. Women have become more involved, for instance through the project's facilitation of community debates via the MonElu platform. They feel they are actors in development. Thanks to the MonElu application views are shared more broadly. The distance does not bother people any longer.  

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Aissata ©GRDR 

I am Aissata, a women leader of Kayes: 

Before the project, I didn't have much contact with women in other communes. The project allowed us to share ideas and we became aware of the inequalities in public management. Everything came back to the men.  

What I liked most? The Gafé application. It is accessible in languages like Soninke, Bambara as well as Fula. Topics such as citizenship, women's empowerment and the fight against uncivil behaviour become much more tangible.     

This had led to a double win:  

  • Elected officials consider the role of women in politics and decision-making to be important. 

  • We women see ourselves as agents of change.  

Note: Names have been change.