Unemployment remains high among Tanzania’s young population, while the market for innovative vocational training courses is limited.

The mobile learning platform VSOMO is making much-needed vocational training education more accessible to youth, by offering theoretical training online. The platform is fully aligned with the government’s plan to expand the provision of VET across the country. To date, only a limited number of students have completed the online courses. The courses lack engaging elements, are moderately expensive and have limited accessibility for disadvantages youth.

Digital social innovation

In partnership with academic, private and public partners, the online courses of the existing mobile learning platform VSOMO and the ecosystem around them will be improved: selected courses will be enhanced through gamified, personalised and interactive learning content. To attract more youth, marketing efforts will be made to promote the enhanced courses, and the online part will be offered for free for a number of disadvantages youth. More government training centers will offer connected practical trainings and learning centers in the rural muncipalities will be establish to give access to the courses.


1)3 courses have gamification elements for increased interactive learning, including one entrepreneurship course.  

2)At least 600 youth successfully finish the digital learning course and practical vocational course. 

3)At least 50,000 youth (predominantly in Dodoma and Singida) are informed about the platform via media (social media, radio, newspapers, etc.) campaigns and 10,000 download the VSOMO application to their phone.

EdTech – Use of education technology to improve quality and continuity of teaching and learning
Digital tool
Mobile application
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