In October 2020, EFE Morocco launched the project Take IT Forward to empower the Moroccan youth through trainings to enhance their digital skills and find future jobs in the ICT sector. This project built up with the support of the Wehubit programme of Enabel is also reaching out for IT companies for future placements of the beneficiaries to make sure they find a job on the labour market.  

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A classroom of the coding training with EFE-Maroc's program development manager (© EFE Morocco)

Meriem Jouwad, a 24 years old girl, is one of the participant of the project Take IT Forward. Meriem comes from a modest family. She has always been close to her parents who have been constantly supporting her, even in the hardest times. Both of them have worked really hard to give their daughter the best education she has always dreamed of.  

During her academic career, Meriem has a bachelor in Sales & Marketing, which she is truly proud of. Her diploma allowed her to work for a year as an e-commerce operations coordinator in a private company in Casablanca. This experience made her grow a lot, however, she knew that she can still evolve otherwise. Being passionate about coding, she wanted to deepen her knowledge in this area. She wanted to seek for something in this field through social media, but she only found herself lost because of the big amount of data offered to her.  

During these COVID times, she saw on LinkedIn an announcement about a training in Coding (Full-Stack development ) from EFE-Maroc through its Take IT Forward program. As involved in this field as she is, she registered straight away for the training, and attended the classes with a lot of interest. She had a goal, and she wanted to achieve it: to be able to develop herself e-commerce websites.  

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Coding Training beneficiaries with EFE-Maroc's trainers, project coordinator, and program development manager (© EFE Morocco)

Today Meriem is very enthusiastic about her professional life, since she's finally able to combine her previous knowledge in e-commerce to what she is currently learning in programming. After this training, she's finally going to make her own e-commerce websites and become active on the labour market.  

« The big plus of this training is that our mentors and trainers are people who are already active on the job market, which is a huge help! We know now which programming languages are the most required in the market and which we should focus on. » says Meriem.


Listen to Meriem Jouwad talking about her past experiences and how the coding training is helping her achieve her goals.